Technology Vision

Technology Vision for Intern Teacher Alternative Certification Program:

Each candidate will complete approximately 300 hrs. of program training, 30 hrs. of classroom observation and coursework, 24 hrs. of which will be concerned with technology and its application in the modern classroom. This will include four major areas of instruction: Hardware, Software, Peripherals, and Internet Connections. The coursework for interns will provide them with an introduction to instructional technology appropriate for young children and adolescents along with applications of such technology according to the LONG RANGE TECHNOLOGY PLAN adopted in 2006 by the Texas Education Agency. Examples of computer-based instructional tools that support interactive learning will be learned. The technology training provides a conceptual framework for understanding the design of multimedia courseware as well as the opportunity for hands-on experience with a variety of software packages and peripherals. Therefore, interns will be required to have the following:

1) USB drive or any optical or flash memory peripheral for the purpose of data and document transfers

2) Daily access to the internet (including weekends)

3) Access to Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, or higher; Adobe Acrobat Reader, and other productivity software

3) Access to digital camera, scanner, MP3 player/recorder, headphone or speakers.

4) T-Cert account, email account, and daily access to email

5) Personal wireless laptop is strongly encouraged! ITACP has the broadband strength that enables up to 40 laptops to be online wirelessly at the same time.

Technology Educational Objectives:

1) Students will understand and demonstrate successful use of electronic mail and the Internet.

2) Students will understand and demonstrate a proficiency in Windows or Apple Operating Systems and Microsoft Office, and other multimedia packages to develop instructional materials.

3) Students will learn to successfully evaluate and select appropriate hardware/software for classroom uses.

4) Students will understand and demonstrate successful use of pedagogically presenting with appropriate hardware and software.

5) Students will use Blackboard, the course management and document sharing system, approximately 25 hours for each class in ITACP.

6) Students will work cooperatively with other ITACP interns and collaborate to ensure the best quality possible in technology assignments.

7) Students will learn and apply technology skills in assessment, management, and research etc. for the modern classroom.

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